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Project: Northern Busway Project


Year:2004 – 2007


Partnership:Transit NZ



The Busway was a designated 7km, two-lane carriageway incorporating the construction of four new bus stations. The works comprised of upgrading three major interchanges with ten new significant structures.


  • Responsibilities included:

  • Direct responsibility for 40 civil works personnel

  • Construction of 250,000m³ of structural fills including 20,000 m³ of modified stabilised fill using lime cement

  • The installation of a new 300m x 1800mm stormwater pipeline through an existing landfill which comprised of 10km of new stormwater drainage

  • Compliance with the Auckland Regional Council Environmental Requirements and consent conditions

  • Opening of an existing landfill and the placement of 30,000m³ of hazardous material

  • Excavations for Soil Nail Retaining Walls with 600 Soil Nails

  • Civil construction works for extension of twin box culvert through a marine reserve

  • Installation of 12 erosion sediment ponds for 30ha of earthworks

  • Reinstatement of existing landfill with approx. 4ha of native plants

  • Construction and rehabilitation of new and existing pavements incorporating Geo-Textile and Geo-Grid

  • Construction placement of 7200m³ of polystyrene blocks known as the “Light Weight Fill”

  • All associated major utilities associated with an infrastructure project of this size


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