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Dave Pratt – Director


Dave has worked for over 24 years in the civil construction and earthmoving industry. He has been a site manager and foreman for more than 15 years and has operated all types of earthmoving equipment. He has also trained other operators in the use of plant and production techniques.


For more than 20 major contracts he has supervised construction which included teams of up to 70 staff and many subcontractors. He has gained a number of qualifications in site management and has extensive experience and training in site safety, quality assurance management and environmental controls. He is very experienced with Transit NZ standards for roading construction



  • Diploma in Project Management NZ Institute of Business (NZ Dip. PM)


  • NZ Certificate – EXIOT B Grade Quarry Surface Manager, Plant Management


  • NZ Certificate – Civil Construction Supervisor Level 4


  • Traffic Management Level 1 (NZTA) implementation of traffic management


  • Development of a field workbook for environmental protection and compliance to ARC standards


  • New Zealand Standard NZ; 3910 Conditions of Contract


  • NZTA Standards for all State Highways


  • Accredited Workplace Assessor – NZ Contracting ITO


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David Pratt - Director

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